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Carbine Operators

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A three day class on how to fight with the carbine. This course is a moderate intensity course that emphasizes fighting with the 5.56x45, 5.45x39 or 7.62x39mm carbines. It is not a shooting course – It is a fighting course.
If you have questions, contact me directly at info@eagtactical.com.

Learning Objectives:

  • 4 safety Rules

  • Range Rules

  • Combat Triad (Weapons manipulation skills highly stressed.

  • Stance, balance, grip, mount vertical fore grip/magazine well

  • Ready Positions

  • Optical/Iron Sights

  • Offset

  • External/terminal ballistics

  • Magazine choices

  • Equipment choices

  • BZO Theory

  • Loading/reloading

  • Position-conventional/asymmetrical

  • Pairs, Failure Drills, Non Standard Response

  • Malfunction reduction

  • Multiple Target Engagements

  • Pistol Transition

  • Shooting on the move

  • Shooting laterally

  • Stepping off line of attack

  • Qual Course Carbine

  • Ammunition:
  • 1300 Rounds of serviceable carbine ammunition.

  • 250 Rounds pistol ammunition.

  • Equipment:
    • A serviceable 5.56x45, 5.45x39 or 7.62x39mm carbine. What you bring is not as important as the fact that it works. Having a spare extractor/spring is not a bad idea. Bring the lube of your choice. But bring lube.

    • A minimum of 7 serviceable magazines for the carbine. More are obviously better – the less jamming of magazines you do during the day, the more time you learn how to fight.

    • You MUST have a Tactical Sling. A tac sling works best, but any sling will do. Carry straps/Parade slings will not be permitted!

    • A means to carry at least four (4) carbine magazines on your person.

    • If you have a red dot sight, bring spare batteries.

    • A serviceable pistol, with three serviceable magazines.

    • A holster and magazine pouch.

    • Eye and earpro, as well as a baseball type hat.

    • Water. A CamelBak is ideal, but be prepared to hydrate.

    • Knee and elbow pads.

    • Pen/pencil.
    Upon receipt of an application and copy of credentials an acknowledgment will be sent. A deposit or credit card information will hold a seat in the class. Confirmation will occur and notices sent upon receipt of payment in full unless other arrangements have been made. Full payment is requested no later than 30 days prior to class dates. Credit card information (account number, expiration date, security/V-Code and cardholder name and billing address, including zip code) can be faxed to (928)636-6686. Be sure to specify the amount to be charged. Credentials can be scanned or a digital photo taken and emailed, or faxed to the above fax number. Scanning or emailing a digital photo assures legible images while often faxing does not.  USG, DoD and other organizations can continue to pay via credit card or purchase order. Notify us of this method of payment at the time of submitting your application. 

    Refer to the article entitled “Notes: Summer 2007” starting on our Home Page.

    In accordance with International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) Regulations, only U.S. Citizens will be accepted to participate in E.A.G. Tactical courses.

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